My goal for you is growth. I want to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge of marketing, psychology, sales and the right mindset.

I will help you tackle the biggest obstacles on the way to your goal. We will do it together.

You will have someone to guide you, get their hands dirty for you and help you make better decisions.

Get FREE 45-minute strategy session

Here's how the coaching process works...

Every 2 weeks we meet in my online meeting room for 2 hours. We discover the biggest challenge you face at the time and you would like to solve. We discuss the possible solutions and together choose the best option

I keep you accountable to do what’s needed and I’m there alongside you every step of the way.  

This way, we move, progress and grow each week. Together.

You are not alone and you make better, faster and smarter decisions.

What if I need more hands-on help?

I would love to take some work off your shoulders

My hourly rate is 20 €/h. 

We can talk all about the best way to work together in our strategy session.


Coaching packages from
99 € per month.

More hand-on approach starts at 20 € per hour.

That’s it?

Yes. I am searching for success stories. That’s all I care about. So If you are someone committed to growth in your business and personal life, I hope I made the decision to work with me a no-brainer.

You will get Focus, Clarity and Growth...GUARANTEED!

 “Focus is clarity. Clarity gives power. Power gives understanding. Understanding gives certainty. Certainty gives trust. Without trust people won’t take action”

(Strategy of preeminence by Jay Abraham)

How would it feel to know you are doing the right thing?

No more questioning, only power you get by clarity.

Focusing on the the thing that will move the needle for your business the most.

When will I see results?

Every day and every week. I cannot guarantee you sales right away but I can guarantee you progress. I can guarantee you clarity and growth. And this will inevitably lead you to the results you desire. This is it. It cannot be any other way

What is your strategy?

Our work will base on building marketing funnels using Facebook ads, email marketing and marketing automation, content strategy, SEO and social media strategy. And everything that comes with it like analytics, strategy, customer research, copywriting,…

As all this can be overwhelming we will take it step by step and I can also take some of the tasks off your plate if necessary.

What is the next step?

Book your free strategy session here and let’s see if there is a way I can help you. Even If you decide not to work with me, you will leave with valuable information and next steps you can take to grow your business today.

Looking forward to meeting you and making you my next success story.


Get FREE 45-minute strategy session

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