A newbie to the ecommerce world? Products not selling? Website not getting traffic?


// The programm starts on September 1. 2020 //

Learn digital marketing tips and tricks needed to grow your ecommerce store to 10k, 50k, 100k a year.

Are you having a slow start in your business? 

Sales just not coming in? Product not flying off the shelves like you hoped?

Selling online is unfortunately not just about setting up shop. 

It’s about strategically bringing in potential customers that are searching for something you have to offer.

If you are a newbie to the ecommerce world or new to digital marketing, SEO, traffic, conversion or advertising, you are on the right page.

Imagine getting enough sales every day to support the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Finnaly you can build that grand vision you have about your business, your work and your life.

Imagine living on your own terms, sending products all over the world. 

Sharing what you have to offer to people searching for just what you have. 

Living your mission and seeing it through to realisation.

It is possible. You can do that!

You can create the store of your dreams!

The business of your dreams!

With the right skills and the right mindset to make the right choices in your life.

Today is your chance to make the first step.

“If you’re not doing as well as you’d like to be doing right now, then there’s something you don’t know."

It's time to fill the knowledge gaps

You landed on this page for a reason.

You are not getting the traction you hoped for.

You are not getting as many sales as you want.

You are not where you want to be. 

And you know you have to learn and grow to get there. 

I am confident I can help you on this path. 

I am here to help guide you.

I will equip you with the right knowledge, the right mindset, and give you the tools to make better business decisions.

In a couple of weeks spent with me you will be able to confidently make choices regarding marketing and growing your business.

You will have clarity on what needs to be done.

You will have focus that will propel you forward.

This is not a dream, it is real.

Every minute spent with me will take you further. 

Closer and closer to what you have to know to do as well as you would like.

This is my mission

I have designed a live program for you to get a handle on your marketing and be able to grow your business and enjoy the life you want to live.

a program designed for a store owner making between 1k and 5k in revenue per month

This program will help small ecommerce store owners that are earning less than 50k revenue a year.

Maybe you are just starting out.

Maybe you didn’t put in the necessary focus and energy into the business till now.

What matters is you want to grow.

The slow start is behind you.

This live 6 week course is designed to give you the necessary marketing skills to take your business to the next level. 

After we finish the programme you will:

  • Increase sales for your store by driving traffic using paid traffic methods, content marketing and SEO.
  • Leverage email marketing to gather email addresses, sell to them and increase the customer lifetime value of customers.
  • Execute a social media strategy designed to grow your brand, bring you traffic and sales.
  • Improve conversion rates on your site with using the voice of the customers.
  • Find the best partners to use influencer marketing to increase your reach (and sales)
  • Use the most important marketing strategies like customer lifetime value, average order value, upsells, cross-sells etc… to grow your business further..

How does the programme work?

At the beginning of each week we meet live for 1,5h for a learning session. Learning session will also contain certain tasks to be done before the next session.

Some parts of the session are prerecorded but I am available in between each seasion and at the end of the session for commentary and  Q&A.

After 3-4 days we will have another Q&A session to go through any question you might have or any trouble you might have around doing the tasks.

We meet again the following week, review what we have done before and go forward.


This is not a “do it whenever from the comfort of your home” course.

I will be present to guide you, to help you, to challenge and support you.

You have the option to ask any question live during each live session or email me anytime whenever you are stuck.

I will do my best, leverage all I know and all the connections I have to help you move forward.

This is my promise.

I know this is 100 % different than 99 % of online courses out there.

It’s because I really want to help you turn this business into a success! 



Customer, competition and product RESEARCH

Who are you selling to? What are their desires, fears and dreams? Who is your competition? How do they communicate with the audience? What claims are they making, whats posts are they posting? How are you products different? What are you promissing to your customers? What are the features and benefits? 

Reasearch is the most important and the most dificult phase in the process, but done right, it’s priceless. We will do it the right way and set ourselves for success.


Keyword research, SEO and content marketing

How are your current customers comming to the site? How are they finding you? What are the search terms they are using? What are the keywords you are ranking for? Are your pages SEO optimized? Are you creating content? Do you have a strategy  in place to create content for the keywords you want to rank for?

This is the core of the business. What problems are you solving for the people – how and why do they find you? We will go through the necessary steps together and create a comprehensive plan of action to set you up for success on the long run.


Social media

How are you communicating on social media? Are you just selling selling selling or also giving value? Sharing? Teaching? How creative are you? Are your channels fun and engaging? Do you have a content calendar? Are you posting regularly? 

Social media is where your customers are. Facebook and Instagram are giving us an amazing opportunity to share what we are doing, sell products and grow our business. But only if we do it right. We will do it.


Email marketing

Email marketing is still the best channel to get repeat purchases and create loyalty. Are you using it to the max? Are you using pop-ups, leveraging automations and regularly sending campaings to drive sales?

We will do all that together and you will see an instant rise in revenue. Email is just so effective, it is crazy not to use it to the max. 


conversions and copywriting

Is the structure of your site clear? How streamlined is you checkout? Is everything working like it should? Is your copy clear and attractive? Is it talking to your ideal customer?

We will try to discover the biggest technical conversion killers of your store and use the data we got from customer research to improve the copy on your website to convert the visitors of your site in customers better.



Are you already using paid traffic methods? How is it working out for you? Do you know your numbers? Do you have a strategy in place? What is your analytics saying? Are you creating more profit than you are investing?

Google and Facebook (Instagram included) is where your customers are. We will get to know these 2 platforms and use them to our advantage.

Get excited as these modules will give you an amazing skillset to grow your business

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Colin Scotland
Digital marketing consultant and coach
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Nataša Brtan
Founder & CEO, tetraktis.si
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Primož Novak Hladnik
Founder & CEO, pure-life.si

about lan

As digital marketing freelancer and coach I love helping my ecommerce clients grow. I even briefly joined a high 6-figure ecommerce store to be in the growth game more fully. But my real passions are not just business and ecommerce but marketing, teaching and coaching. I would love to share everything I learned, about marketing, business and growth and offer it to you. This programme is my way of doing it.

I am genuinely interested in helping you create the business and the lifestyle you desire.


This is a paid BETA program. This means it is not set in stone but will adapt to your wants and needs. Your feedback during the whole duration of the course is highly encouraged. I will be working 1:1 with you to discover some of your biggest chanllenges and help you go through them. My goal is to make recordings of our session to offer even more amazing and tailored programme for the next batch.

18 hours of pure progress and learning, downloadable course materiales, your private Facebook community and unlimited access to me. 


197 € x 6

NOW: 1 payment of

197 €

my guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program after 14 days, I will unconditionally give you your money back. 

a special bonus for the first 10 enrolments

For the first 10 to join the programme, I am offering FREE 2x 30 minutes coaching call so that you can get 1:1 live help on any challenge you might be facing.

So not only will you be able to ask questions during our coaching calls but have private time with me as well to discuss any business and marketing related topic. 

The time to act is right now. 

You will not find a better, more tailored and more in-depth programme for such a price. 

The spaces in the programme are limited to make sure I can keep my promises! There are no more than 20  spaces available and there are a couple available spaces less every day.

Tomorrow may be too late.

If you are struggling, then you have to(!), you absolutely have to change something. Doing the same things with the same level of knowledge and the same mindset will only create the same results you are already getting.

And I bet you didn’t read this page all the way to here to stay where you are.

Let’s go on a journey together and I promise we will not be the same after we finish it.

To your sucess!



If you are consistently above 10k a month but would still enjoy participating, that’s great. Just know that you will probably be ahead of the rest and in some areas of the programme even ahead of me. I would love to have you in the group anyway to lead the way.

Yes, as long as you have products to sell, you are welcome in the programme. You will learn a lot and not make some of the mistakes your peers have.

 You will  get a lot of value even if you are selling digital products. Yes, my focus and examples will be physical products but the same laws apply to marketing digital products. 

        Copyright © 2020 Lan Vuga 

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