How I Became Happy and Finally Started Living Life​

5 years ago I was miserable. I was spending my days studying digital marketing so I could help grow a business I was involved with as an employee and a potential partner. That was almost the only thing I was doing. I was living under the misguided notion that once I achieved financial success then I would start living. I thought that fun and enjoyment came after I am worthy of it by having money and being “successful”.
But success didn’t happen. Not business success. Not financial success. Only a lot of stress, headaches, digestion problems and insomnia.
But that period of unhappiness was also the start of something amazing, A journey of presence, meaning, and happiness
Today I can smile and feel joy for no apparent reason. I express my gratitude for life. I enjoy it, I experience it. I see nature and am overwhelmed by its beauty. I see challenges where I saw only fear and anxiety. I consider myself a “proof” that you can actually become happier than you were before.
It’s possible. And it has nothing to do with success or money. I simply had to start working on the relationship with myself.
When I realized I wanted to make a change, the first thing I did was google: “How to be happy?”. True story. I felt that I was not happy, that I could be happier and this is how I started. This was my pain at the time.
The articles I found on Google gave some great advice and I started putting it into action: I started searching for volunteering opportunities, I started journaling, I donated some small amounts of money to some causes close to me, and I started reviving my hobbies that I completely abandoned.
Then recommendations from my marketing mentors and research into happiness and personal growth lead me to discover some amazing books about the functioning of our mind, meditation and spirituality like Psycho-Cybernetics, The Four Agreements and The Untethered Soul. (You can find my whole reading list on
With these books, a completely new world opened up to me.
After a month, I took a second big step. I started meditating. After reading so much about it in books and articles, and after getting recommendations from amazing people that it’s life-changing, I just had to give it a try.
I will never forget the first time. After I finished my first 10-minute meditation, my mind was still. I couldn’t believe the feeling.
I was hooked. And even if I have days when I don’t meditate, I always come back to it because I know just how simply amazing it is.
Today I use the Insight Timer app and set up a 10 – 30 minutes timer, once a week, usually, during the weekend, I also do some longer meditations by Joe Dispenza you can find on Youtube. (45 minutes or 1h. This one is simply amazing to get you energized for the future.)
After about a year of trying to help myself, I went into therapy. What actually got me to therapy was the intensification of my problems with insomnia and digestion issues. I was afraid for my health. I tried all the different diets and found out the cause for my bad digestion was not food or any problems with the functioning of my digestive organs. I did many tests, all normal. The only possible reason left was my psychosomatic.

Suppressed emotions, unconscious beliefs and thought patterns have caused physical symptoms in my body.
After more than 3 years and 130+ hours of therapy on top of everything else I was doing, the changes I feel are simply amazing. I am a completely different person and my gut and sleep are much much better as well.

The last major step In my growth process was I got a coach. The contents of my therapy and coaching overlapped many times. They both helped me solve deeper issues connected with my childhood, each in its own way. The strongest part of the coaching sessions I had was imagining myself as a child, going through some of the emotionally powered experiences I had back then and digging out suppressed emotions that still guided me now as an adult.
As a child, you learned some patterns of behaviour because you tried to survive with your parents. Your emotional nature at that time guided you to survival. And it did its job, it helped you to survive your childhood and now you are reading this text. But these patterns, the small child that is still alive in you is today holding you back from living your life to the fullest.
Coaching and therapy can take you to much higher degrees of freedom. For me, both ways worked great together and I was fully involved in both and got great results.
On the other side from coaching and therapy, self-help texts, books and spirituality helped me see that there is more to life than just this physical world. That all beings and all things are the same as me and you. We are built from the same matter. That everything in this world is so beautiful, it’s just surreal. And we are one with it. Even if you feel anger towards someone, that anger is not you. You just feel angry now and it will pass. And if you strip down everything you think and feel, what remains is just beauty. It’s love. You are nothing else. Why love and not something else? To be honest, I don’t know. It’s just the best word I feel to describe it. I love the word communion as well, as you feel the love and connection with everything. And you can smile and feel joy just by being. You don’t need anything else. You can just be.
I am coming to a point where I want to share everything that I came to learn and understand about the world and start making a positive impact on the lives of other people. I hope I can help you live a better life. Message me or book a free coaching session and let’s talk.

Looking forward to meeting you!

All the best!
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