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Just a couple of years ago I was miserable. Stuck in my own head convinced I should be more successful. That I am simply not good enought. I should be “more”.

I knew I was not happy, that something was missing, but I thought it was just lack of success. When the business grows, when success comes, I will be happy I thought. It will all be worth it and I will make up all the time I am not enjoying now.

Turns out that’s not when you become happy. That’s not when you become successful. That life doesn’t work that way.

With a lot of personal development came realizations that helped me live an amazing life full of gratitude for the gifts I recieve every day. Professionally I have come to a level where I have a job I enjoy, I have a coaching practice that feeds my purpose, I have hobbies that fill me up with energy. I am enjoying what life has to offer. 

I want to help you do the same.

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About Me

Grow & Enjoy What Life has to Offer

Become a happier person that enjoys everything life has to offer.

My love for life grew while developing myself through emotional, spiritual and pyhsical healing. I worked and still work with amazing people in my life that showed me there is a better way. That there is more to life. So much more.

I want to be one of those people for you. I am here for you. Let’s talk!

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