“Don’t Take Detours on the Way to What You Want”

Embarking on a journey toward the new “thing” you desire in life can be daunting. Whether it’s a yearning for fresh experiences, new connections, work challenges, family dynamics, or different relationships, trust is essential. You need to trust that everything will be okay, that you have the capability to pursue it—trust in yourself and trust in the universe. This becomes particularly challenging when your aspirations diverge from the norms accepted by family and friends as “normal” or “sensible.”

Feelings of fear may creep in, causing self-doubt about potential mistakes or being “wrong.” Staying in your current situation might seem safer, especially if it wasn’t terrible to begin with. However, that’s not living; that’s not freedom. It’s fear that holds you back, leaving you unhappy and unfulfilled. For instance, I once had a secure job, a decent income, and a comfortable apartment. I am grateful for these blessings, but they weren’t aligned with my heart’s calling. Life, in my belief, is about fully experiencing oneself and what the world has to offer. You can’t achieve that by playing it safe.

Since 2016, I’ve desired to live differently. The notion of a “normal” life felt constricting—following a set schedule, being at a specific location, doing precisely what was expected, and returning home to a “typical” family life of meaningless quarrels between two child-like adults. 

I wanted to explore new things and have experiences beyond those in my immediate surroundings. However, fear held me back initially; I was afraid to actively pursue a different life. I needed to grow into a person capable of doing what felt right for me. Back then, I believed I had to prove my worth before allowing myself to live the life I desired.

I recall friends from my 2014 student exchange inviting me to join them around the world. I hesitated, thinking, “Now is not the time. I’ll do it when I have something to show, when I’ve proven myself in the business world, when I’m good enough and deserving of fun.” Despite having the means and time, fear prevented me from seizing that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Looking back, I realize how mistaken I was. I still harbor regrets about missed experiences, but I’ve learned from them. Regret teaches us not to repeat our mistakes, and moving forward, I aim to have as few regrets as possible.

Why not pursue what calls to us? What else is there in this world if not the things that resonate with our deepest desires? Unfortunately, fear often blinds us to this reality. We’re conditioned to be cautious, smart, safe, and reasonable.

We mistakenly believe that taking detours will lead us to our goals. I craved excitement and new experiences but thought I needed financial success in the business world first. However, that’s not how the world operates. You must go directly for what you want, toward the experiences you desire.

If family is important, prioritize family time. If health matters, say no to habits hindering your well-being. Achieving goals involves going straight for what you desire without allowing fear to divert you.

Old beliefs and negative emotional connections keep us stuck in faulty thinking patterns. Breaking free from them is a journey of shedding the past and breaking the chains that hold us back.

Good luck!



Image by sebastian del val from Pixabay

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