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Kako na naslednji nivo kvalitete življenja?

Če še ne živite življenja, ki bi ga radi živeli, obstaja neka lekcija, neko razumevanje ali znanje, ki ga še potrebujete za ta preskok. Če …

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Living life to the fullest

“Ne pusti smrti ničesar, razen pogorelega gradu”

Grški pisatelj Nikos Kazantzakis je v svojem najbolj znanem romanu Grk Zorba napisal: “Ne pusti smrti ničesar, razen pogorelega gradu” Kaj se lahko iz tega …

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Znate reči ne?

Pogosto čutite krivdo ali imate slabo vest? Tudi, ko za to vsaj racionalno nimate dobrega razloga? Morda ste za spremembo dali sebe na prvo mesto …

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Zakaj je tako težko spremeniti slabe navade?

Nekateri problemi in želje, ki pridejo do mene preko obstoječih in potencialnih klientov, se ponavljajo. Vzpostavljanje novih, boljših navad ali opuščanje starih navad, ki nam …

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Razmišljati na boljši način

https://youtu.be/bnKrKR0AA58 Če si želiš živeti boljše, drugače, moraš začeti razmišljati na boljši, drugačen način. Kaj mislim s tem? Trenutni način razmišljanja in posledično tvojih dejanj, …

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Straight towards a goal

“Don’t Take Detours on the Way to What You Want”

Embarking on a journey toward the new “thing” you desire in life can be daunting. Whether it’s a yearning for fresh experiences, new connections, work …

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connect jigsaw

Are Only Females in touch with their Emotions?

All my clients that I’ve worked with till now have been women. The sample is very small but just one guy ever contacted me expressing …

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Physical And Emotional Healing

  When I first started physical therapy for my injured shoulder in August 2020, I had 3 goals. The first one was to be able …

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there is more to life

There Has To Be More To Life!

If you are unhappy and wondering “Is this it? Is this what life can offer?” I want to tell you that THERE IS SO MUCH …

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feelings first

Feelings First

If you are not making progress as fast as you would like to in the area of your life, frustration starts building up. Maybe the …

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waterdrop meditation


“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” – Zen Proverb …

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13 Lessons For My Future Son Or Daughter

I was playing with the question of what lessons would I really want to leave in this world if I died in the next six …

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One day

Are You Living in The Future?

One of the biggest mistakes we people make is living in the future. But “future” never happens. Because we will always be happy, relaxed, enjoying …

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making decisions 2

Making Better Decision

Facing your past and what is hiding below can be a very daunting task. My experience in digging into the past and discovering why I …

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Challenge Your Current Way of Thinking

If you are currently not happy or satisfied with your life, there are still things you need to learn or understand to get to where …

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Start Having Fun

In my “unhappy days” I didn’t do anything fun for years. At least not consistently. I usually enjoyed sports like football and tennis, I enjoyed …

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More of the same

https://youtu.be/RDz8VMXkQ9o IN TEXT The same way of thinking will bring you the same results you are always getting. You can’t be doing the same things …

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Love yourself

Loving Yourself

Our everyday situations are actually a test for us. Because the universe only gives us situations we are able to handle. When we get ourselves …

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Getting rid of bad habits

Bad Habits and How To Break Them

I gained a few kilos during the times of pandemic in 2020. A bit less outdoor activities because of shitty weather, changes in my work …

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Change Is Possible

The main message I want to leave in this world is that change is possible.  Everything is possible. It is really hard to get out …

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8 Books That Made a Big Impact On Me

Today I want to tell you about the books that made a big impact on me. But before I share the list, I would like …

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We are the same

We are all the same

Talent doesn’t exist The studies of Swedish psychologist Anders Ericsson (I recommend his amazing book “Peak”) show, that having talent or “being born with it”, …

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step by step

Improving Step by Step

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pke3AXAS6w8 My goal is to encourage you to start improving your life step by step, day by day. To try to seize what this life …

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relationship alone


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrQw2wMp6b0 You first have to have a healthy relationship with yourself in order to have a healthy relationship with others. Like Ekhart Tolle writes in …

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Trip export

10 Things I am Doing to Improve my Life Every Week:

I have therapy once a week for 45 minutes. After each therapy, I also take about 45 minutes to go over the “findings” from that …

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goal setting process

Goal Setting

If we don’t set goals, we can’t achieve them. If we don’t know where we want to go, we can’t get there.  In life, we …

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Blank page

Create a New Possibility for Yourself

More and more I see how important it is to create a new possibility for yourself to get out of the loop of your everyday …

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Nothing is wrong

Say “Yes” to Everything

Loving every part of ourselves. Even those we may not like particularly. And I am not talking just about physical appearance here. Maybe even our …

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How Conscious Are You?

It is fascinating and scary just how unconscious we are. What we think, how we make decisions and connections are all learned. Nothing is inherent …

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Learning How To Live

Peter Florjančič was a Slovene inventor who had a very buoyant, exciting life. Born into a rich family in 1919, fled the country across the …

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Embrace your gift

Embrace the Michael Jordan in you

I can’t remember where I read this story or how it went exactly, but imagine this: Michael Jordan gets amnesia and after he comes home, …

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Donald Trump

What can you learn from Donald Trump?

Yes, I believe he is an asshole and unfit to lead anything. BUT! BUT! Every person is superior to us in some ways. Even if …

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Miselnost – ključni koncepti za srečno življenje

Miselnost – Ključni koncepti za srečno življenje​ By Lan Vuga <<nazaj na slovenski kotiček Želim te povabiti na razmislek o življenju, sreči, ciljih in uspehih …

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Creating content

Content strategy

I believe content can play a big role in getting more sales. I am talking about creating blog posts or videos on the topics connected …

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Facebook posting

Organic Facebook Posting

Until this point, we haven’t really had a proper Facebook posting regime.  For the past month or 2, I have been scheduling posts for around …

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You are probably not telling your prospects this. But you should

Is there a communication gap in your business that is costing you? You maybe heard about Simon Sinek and his quote “People don’t buy what …

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shema FB small

A simple sales funnel using Facebook ads

A simple sales funnel to gain new leads After some work on the funnel and the content, we have decided to try to push the …

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What is the balance on your emotional bank account?

This just might be what is separating you from getting more leads and sales You have a great offer. You post it; you share it; …

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mountain top

MINDSET – Some very important lessons to keep you going when its hard

This note was first ment to be a longer blog post. Then I turned it into an email sent out to my subscribers. Now I …

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make the leap

How to market your business even if you hate marketing

I have been talking with a couple of businesses owners that say they hate marketing. Maybe you are one of them. I understand where you …

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quality leads

How to create high quality leads for your tour business?

Imagine you do beer tours in Scotland. Or multi-day tours in Italy. Doesn’t matter what kind of tour business you are in. Maybe you want …

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The fundamental flaw of struggling businesses

If you’ve been going around in a circle trying every marketing trick and hack, this article might help you get some clarity and focus. A …

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How we used Facebook to get 700 new email subscribers for 370 €.

That’s 0,53 € per subscriber but should go down more because we are getting new subscribers for 27 cents per subscriber now. This is our …

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Email marketing to sell more

In this article about Facebook ads, we went into the strategy for gaining new leads. But what happens after you get a new subscriber. After …

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quality leads

How to create high quality leads for your business?

Imagine you do beer tours in Scotland. Or multi-day tours in Italy. Doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in. Maybe you want to …

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talking to people

Customer research – your business depends on it

This article will give you the background information on the principles and philosophy of conducting customer research. It will present to you why this is …

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Use customer research to find out the emotions. Use emotions to sell.

Attracting new leads and sales is the lifeblood of any business. Yes, customer retention is critical, make your clients happy. But without new sales, you …

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ideal client search

You can’t attract your ideal client without answering these questions

How to find your ideal clients and sell them your knowledge and expertise? There are questions you need to ask yourself before you can expect …

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To grow your business, you cannot do everything at the same time

As a business owner, you wonder a lot, what to do, to grow your business faster. Most likely you already spent a lot of time …

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