There Has To Be More To Life!

If you are unhappy and wondering “Is this it? Is this what life can offer?” I want to tell you that THERE IS SO MUCH MORE OUT THERE!

There really is! You don’t have to be unhappy, you don’t have to be unfulfilled, and you don’t have to just watch days go by without any meaning or purpose.

Stop just wondering and letting these emotions drive your behaviour. Take control of your life today and start making changes. Take responsibility for yourself, for your actions and inactions. What you are doing and what aren’t you doing but want to and should do?

Start getting to know yourself. This is the most surefire way to find the fulfilment you seek. By knowing yourself you can achieve the goals that are meaningful to you and not just pursue goals that stem from your childhood when you were trying to gain recognition and attention from your caregivers.

When you shed this load of past programming everything becomes easier. You can say “yes” when you want to and “no” when you want to. You are free to make choices and set boundaries. You are able to develop meaningful relationships and find it easier to accept people for who they are.

Besides shedding your past programming there is another level of life available to us to become more loving, understanding and accepting. And it is spirituality. I believe spirituality is the doorway to actually saying there is more to life. Spirituality enables your life to become bliss, enlightenment, nirvana. This is when you feel more than just the current body you are occupying but there is a piece of you in everything in the universe because you are energy.

I love worldly pleasures like food, travel, companionship, amazing scenery and adventures. But with spirituality, you don’t need anything of this world to feel love and joy for everything in your world. Even for the pebbles on the road, the trees in the forest, the river and the mountains. You are just a part of this magnificent creation and you can enjoy this masterpiece that nature created.

And nature also created you. You are a part of this. You play your own infinitesimally small role in everything. You have the right to be here and participate in the creation. And spirituality allows you to feel the connection with this creation. You are not separate. You are not alone. You are a part of everything. You are the love of the universe. Spirituality adds a new dimension to your being.

It’s just that we get so hung up on the minutia that mostly plays in our heads. And it’s a shame we get caught up in our day-to-day instead of breathing in the beauty of the world.

So when I am saying that YES, THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE, the biggest part of life lies in the connection with the universe. With everything that exists on this planet. The love you can exude to every living and non-living being.

And this becomes possible when we let go of the chatter in our heads. The beliefs and conditionings that are keeping us locked in our small cages in our minds. The cage that is our insecurities, fears, doubts, suppressed emotions, and everything we cannot accept. When you release yourself to the world.

So I would like to point out two routes that get me to where I am today.


I don’t know how much it makes sense to treat these as separate because as we all know, knowledge builds upon knowledge and even modern science has its roots in ancient wisdom. But maybe as with medicine, even if you are curing your disease with knowledge of our ancestors, it’s a smart idea to get yourself checked by a physician. If you have cancer, yes start cleansing your body physically and mentally but don’t forget about what approaches modern medicine can offer.

I am thinking similarly here. Because I am almost certain I wouldn’t be feeling as good If I only took one route. I have been walking on both now for years. And both add an amazing perspective and adventure to my life. I truly enjoy them both. They offer us such an amazing perspective into our lives and what we are doing to ourselves.

Both play an integral part in getting more out of life. I believe you don’t actually need both to reach your freedom and discover who you are as you don’t need both ancient and modern medicine to heal yourself from disease. Sometimes just one or the other does the trick at least in the short term. But I also believe that a combination of both approaches is extremely powerful to take your life to a new level of happiness and fulfilment and I have myself as proof and can attest to it.

I can’t speculate where I would be If I only took one approach but my guess is something would be missing. And I don’t feel anything missing now, I think I am experiencing the majority of benefits from both teachings in my own small way.

What can each of these teachings offer? I believe the modern approach gives us the “HOW” and the ancient gives us the “WHY” of our lives. Certainly, it’s not so black and white with both approaches having lessons in the how and why but in the grand scheme of things I believe there is the truth behind my words. At least from my own experiences.

Without believing that love is the meaning of existence, that we are already whole and complete in our essence, I would find it a struggle to feel the connection with everything in this world. And this notion gives a new dimension to my happiness level. It helps me feel a part of the world, I feel there is a communion between me and everything else. Between me and you, me and the trees, me and the animals, me and the cars, me and the river, me and the grass. That the energy is there. It’s alive.

The modern approach on the other hand helped me with the practicality of how to release so much of my pain and anxiety. It has freed me up to a point where I can start looking at the bigger picture and discover a whole new world to live in. Without therapy and coaching, a part of me would still be stuck in the physical world where there is much more separation and less oneness. Through shedding more and more of the delusions of our everyday life, a whole new way of being and acting is opening up for me. This is the spiritual world. The world where people want only the best for each other, where love and understanding are radiating in every encounter with your fellow being. The enlightened world.

This is the world I love living in and would like to see more and more people embrace and live.

So use these approaches. Find coaches and therapists that will help you. Read books on the topics. Find your spiritual guidance in ancient and new-age teachings. Don’t disregard anything. Use common sense but don’t disregard anything just because the ideas don’t go together with your current views. Maybe this is where you need a new lesson the most. Open your mind to possibilities.

After a while, I guarantee you won’t be the same person but will be happier and you won’t be wondering and asking yourself “is this it?”.

If you have any questions, I am here for you.

If you want to walk this path and would like some help and guidance book you free coaching call at this link:

All the best!


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