A simple sales funnel using Facebook ads

A simple sales funnel to gain new leads

After some work on the funnel and the content, we have decided to try to push the sales of our Greece islands tour using Facebook ads.

In this article, I would like to present you a simple funnel I built in the last couple of days. It took me longer to work on the emails that follow the sign-up.

Now I will monitor results, make improvements, fix mistakes,…

So what I did is…

The grand scheme

Turning FB likes to email subscribers

We already have an audience of around 2500 likes built organically. 

Most of them haven’t been nurtured even though they have been receiving the FB messages (nurtured meaning not exposed to our messages about our travel philosophy enough).

So quite a big focus of this FB campaign is on transforming them into email leads.

Targeting cold audience

But I also want to create a new audience. So I created a 2.22-minute slideshow video using Lumen5 to show to a cold audience (people that never heard about us).

If you click on the image, it will lead you to the video.

I am targeting a very wide audience with video views.

According to our research and previous FB campaigns, I targeted all people above 45 years that like travel to give FB algorithm a lot of space to explore.

My focus here is to find people that watch 50% or even 75% of the video.

With them, I have long-term plans (using them as seed audience and creating lookalike audiences). 

But for now, I will also show retargeting ads to those that clicked on my Call to action or checked out or FB page.


So I am calling everybody that watched 50 %, or visited our webpage or FB page as “Warmer audience”.

To them, I am showing a couple of different ads.

I am testing 2 different copy angles, a video ad, a slideshow ad and a single image ad for now.

You can check the video here (I made it with Lumen5 as well)

Landing page

You can check the landing page of the ads here

If you click on the detailed itinerary, you get this popup.

Lead ads

But besides this, I am also retargeting them with 2 Lead ads.

Lead ads are ads with a sign-up form in the Facebook platform.

People don’t like to leave their current website so lead ads can have higher conversion rates.

One lead ad is a pure value lead magnet – A guide to authentic travel experiences.

The second is Our detailed itinerary for our Greek islands tour.

Quality vs. quantity

I already know the Lead ad will produce more leads…but the quality will probably be better with those that visit the page on our website, they see the price, photos etc… 

So I will leave it run for a while and then decide what to do.

The lead ad for Greece tour looks like this:

If you click on the link you get this:

Email follow-up

So after the sign – up you get your lead magnet and an email sequence.

Depending on what you signed up for. 

If you sign up for the guide, you get a general indoctrination sequence in line with my article on creating high-quality leads for your tour business

If you sign up for the detailed itinerary through Greece, you get more information about the tour, the destination etc…

Some indoctrination is included as well. 

Indoctrination means trying to change the beliefs of the reader more towards the beliefs needed to go on a tour with us.

If you read the article I linked above on creating high-quality leads, you will understand perfectly.

Otherwise, just email me, I will gladly take the time to explain.

Both sequences have around 8 emails in them with this difference that If you end the destination sequence, the indoctrination sequence follows.

The premise is that: If you sign up for a specific tour lead magnet, you are already further ahead in the funnel. But If you don’t sign up for a tour, there was probably something missing and you need more education.

So we pull you back and you get a chance to discover more about us, our way of travelling etc…

This is mostly it for now.

The ad spend is around 20 € per day on all campaigns. This is a test, I will scale or making it smaller after I see some results.

8 € is going on new cold customers, rest on the retargeting on the warm ones

Will write an article in the next weeks about how things turned out, what were the results and the lessons. 

Talk soon!


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