You can’t attract your ideal client without answering these questions

How to find your ideal clients and sell them your knowledge and expertise?

There are questions you need to ask yourself before you can expect to build a successful business.

Before you answer them, you will be in the dark figuring out your next steps on how to grow your business.

There will be a disconnect between your message and the desires of your audience.

Which means fewer leads, fewer paying clients and less success.

But after you have figured out the answers, you will be ready to make a step forward.

Ask yourself:


This is the most important step as it establishes the foundation of everything going forward.

Do you possess enough knowledge about the emotions and the desires of your ideal clients you want to attract?

The only way to bring in more clients is to resonate with them. To show them you understand the problem and offer a solution.

And you cannot do it if you don’t know them well enough.

Even if you have been in business for years, there could be things you don’t know about your customers:

    • Why did they land on your site, what are they searching for (detailed)?
    • What are they feeling now? What is their emotional state? 
    • And what are they after? How do they want to feel?
  • What made them search for a solution right now? What was the trigger point?

These questions can be your guidelines into the emotional state of your prospects.

You find the answers to these questions by talking to your existing and previous clients if you have them, conducting surveys and searching for valuable insights online.

But how to attract the right people to talk to if you don’t know what to say yet?

Use the resources already available to you. Previous clients, potential clients, people you know could be an ideal client,…

You can also search for information in Facebook groups, forums, you can read Amazon reviews, search for competitor sites and read the reviews there.

When you obtained enough data to make a step forward, do it.

Don’t get caught up in the perfect research. It will never happen.

Building a business is an iterative process. You will make changes all the time. For now just move forward and come back to research after you gain experience with crafting your message and selling your services.

When you have a “good enough” knowledge of your target market, move to the next step. Create your marketing message. Start with question number 2:


Remember that you are not just selling your service to a client. You are selling them a better version of themselves. You are just a tool. A helper. Yoda.

Always think about the transformation of your client to a better version of themselves.

Make them see and feel what their life could be like after working with you.

Usually, the first way to show what you can do for them is your website.

Use the knowledge you gained in the research to craft messages suited for your ideal client.

Use the same words they used.

This will create an instant connection between you and the visitor and will much more likely make him want to take you up on the offer of a free introductory call (or another call to action).

The last question is:


After a person booked a free coaching session with you, do you take him through a process to sell him your services?

Don’t just wing it. Prepare your questions. Polish your pitch.

Show how he can become a better version of himself, how he can improve his life.

Overcome his obstacles.

But if the prospect doesn’t sing up for your service, don‘t think you lost him.

Maybe he was not ready to commit just yet.

Don’t forget to follow-up.

Email them after three or four days asking them if they have reached a decision. Ask them what is stopping them?

Remind them of the pain and how you can help relieve it.  

If they tell you they need more time ask them when is a good time to check up?

Continue to have a conversation. If you have any case studies, send it to them. Share an article. Become valuable.

Make it easy for the prospect to take another step forward. Offer something they can say yes to.

Possibly even another short 1:1 meeting if you think it might help.

You want to be on top of their mind.

This will give you a chance to land clients you thought you lost.

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