Challenge Your Current Way of Thinking

If you are currently not happy or satisfied with your life, there are still things you need to learn or understand to get to where you want to be. Many times we think we know something, we think everything is clear to us, but if we are not where we want to be, there are clearly some gaps right.

That makes sense right?

The world is what it is. Reality is what it is. It doesn’t help in the slightest to complain about what is fair, how you think life should operate, and how the housing market or the economy should function. It’s reality. And to change your circumstances only your view has to change. By changing your view you will change your reality. As Marcel Proust said:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

We need to learn more, find new understanding, and start operating differently. What is necessary is that we work on our character. Work on our beliefs, our habits and daily actions.

We have to do more of what is serving us and do less of what is bad for us. We have to seek out the truth. Jesus said the truth will set us free. And I believe this is exactly right. So my suggestion for you here is to be aware of yourself. What are you thinking on a daily basis? Are these thoughts helpful and empowering or negative and destructive?

Take a hard look at yourself and face reality. Your thoughts impact your actions. Actions are the bridge between the internal and the external world. If your thoughts that stem from your beliefs and emotions and the other way around are all doom and gloom, it’s most likely that your actions will not be much different. And you cannot build something great without any of the necessary building blocks.

I am sure you can find many reasons why you are acting in that way. But ask yourself if this is serving you. Is your view the absolute truth? Try to seek the complete opposite of your view so you challenge your thoughts. Be bold and try to find arguments against what you currently believe. Why? Because what got you to this exact position is your current way of thinking. If you want to start living a different life, you have to come to discover reality, what is actually true.

This is really hard as it goes against what our lives and our identity are built on. But there is no other way. If you are serious about changing your life, you have to go there. You have to find out what notions that you are basing your life on are simply not true and are not serving you. Because there is never just one reality. Reality is always in the beholder. We need to start separating the truth from our interpretations. This is crucial.

That’s all from me for today! Hope you enjoyed this video and talk to you soon!

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