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I believe content can play a big role in getting more sales. I am talking about creating blog posts or videos on the topics connected with the interest of the ideal client of the business.

Last couple of weeks we started creating content more regularly. Now we have a nice number of blog posts where we show our knowledge, expertise and character.

It took a long time to come to a point where we were comfortable spending the necessary time to create it. But I do believe this is a step forward on multiple levels.


  • Search traffic.
  • Persuading customers can be easier if you have proof of your expertise.
  • Without content, you don’t have a story to tell. If it’s all just in the business owner’s head, You can’t influence people’s lives, if you are not sharing. 
  • With a content silo, you have huge amounts of content to share on social media so you can drive more social traffic to the site.
  • You can save time by answering questions you get often.


So what is our strategy for creating content?

In simple terms, we divided it into “AHA” content and “WAW” content. (Professional I know.)

“AHA” content


This is the content that gives people an “AHA” moment.

For example, we are only selling tours in certain parts of the Mediterranean. We want to share our love of this area and tell people you don’t have to go far to find some most amazing places on earth.

We want to reach the “aha” moment in readers when they discover it makes sense to travel to this part of the world often.

Another example.

Our group sizes are 15-20. We didn’t choose this number randomly but discovered that this is the best number to travel with because the size guarantees a certain amount of variety in people’s characters that make the group interesting but is still small enough to have access to the best hotels and restaurants that don’t accept large groups.

We educate why is that and searching for the reader to say “aha yes, this makes sense”.

How do we decide what blog posts to write?

It is connected with the chain of beliefs.

I write more thoroughly about this in my article about creating high quality leads.

In short, it’s about the question “What does a prospect need to believe to book a tour with me?” What do they need to feel, what do they need to know, what do they need to understand?

Try to answer these questions, write out the answers and create content around it. I suggest clicking on the link above and you will get a thorough understanding of this concept.

“WAW” content

"WAW" moment

The “waw”, the “awe” is vital for tour operators.

I would say that without it you don’t have a business.


Because they are emotional responses. And emotions drive our buying decisions.

Neuroscience proved that people with impaired emotional sensors in their brains cannot decide.

So evoking emotions when reading your content is key to success.

We want to seduce the reader’s hearts. We want to make them want to go on your tours badly.

This is our main goal

Without an emotional response, our rational explanations of how much more you get from your tours instead of competitors, why your hotels are better, why the food on your tour is better, why your tours are worth that extra cost will not be heard.

Our “waw” posts are mostly destination posts that talk about the destination and its beauties.

They are posts where we go deeply into the experiences our travellers will be a part of if they join us.

We have only done post on our Green Islands tour and the posts are about culinary aspects, sunsets, walking, the experience of driving a convertible on the island, the experience of meeting shepherds and other local people and enjoying homegrown food with them…

Currently, we have 10 of them. These 10 posts represent a foundation of what we call a pillar post for Greece. This is one post we will create from all the other blog posts and want to rank high on Google as it contains internal links to all the blog posts.

We will also create it to be our strongest selling tool for the Greek islands tour. So this pillar post has the best parts of all the posts. And it also links directly to our tour.

We still try to create the “waw factor” in our “aha” blog posts as well. When we are explaining some “rational” parts, we always back it up with real-life stories that hopefully evoke emotion.

Tests on people with split left and right hemisphere proved that the rational mind finds a logical explanation for the decision we made emotionally beforehand.

And we try to offer them this logical explanation in the “aha” post.

That’s it for now.

Have you been creating content?

What is working for you?

Let us know.

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