Learning How To Live

Peter Florjančič was a Slovene inventor who had a very buoyant, exciting life. Born into a rich family in 1919, fled the country across the alps to avoid being drafted into the German army, participated in the Olympics, faked his death, made and lost fortunes, spent time with the elite in Monte Carlo etc.
And after many many amazing life experiences, he bought a top flat of the highest skyscraper in Florence at the time and brought it the best binoculars to watch people. After a while of watching people he said:
“Now I know that I don’t even know how to live”.
A man with such a rich life says he found out he doesn’t yet know how to live.
Isn’t that an interesting notion, that we all have to learn how to live?
Like we are learning mathematics or any other subject.
Learning how to live.
There is always more to know about living life.
Great food for thought.
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