Embrace the Michael Jordan in you

I can’t remember where I read this story or how it went exactly, but imagine this: Michael Jordan gets amnesia and after he comes home, he plans for his life and gets a job in the factory because he has to feed his family.

Everybody, the entire world is telling him: “But you are Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player or all times, you can’t spend you time behind the treadmill! You should play basketball! You are the best, you are the greatest! Millions want to watch you play.”

But Michael Jordan doesn’t believe them. “I have to feed my family, me working in this factory will feed my family”

The gift he has for the world is being buried.

And let’s think about how many gifts of the world are buried in each person this because of fear.


Everybody could be just spectacular in something! We could love what we do, we would enjoy it, we would be the best at it.

We would share that with the world. Some in sports, some in business, some in teaching, engineering, social work, environmentalism…so many possibilities.

But our fears and beliefs stand in the way. “This is real life, get serious, things don’t work that way, life is not a fairytale” thoughts get in the way.

And the Michael Jordan in us slowly dies.

It is actually a very sad story. I am getting tears in my eyes writing this.

It is so so hard for the most of us to believe in something more.

I don’t know, is it the society, upbringing,…it’s something. (It is definitely different than how Donald Trump thinks. It differs from how Muhammad Ali thought. You all probably know his words “I am the greatest” or check this video or this one)

If you don’t believe in something, there is NO chance ever to making it real. NO chance!

But is so hard to believe. Man! I am struggling every single day.

And I am struggling to live, share and develop my gifts.

Because the fear is so strong.

“Will I be able to survive, how will I look in society, what if I fail, what If i get humiliated, what if everybody thinks I am a nobody, everybody will want to see me fail just because I want more and believe I have more than my current life in me?”

I would love to give a solution, a prescription for faith.

But what can you tell Michael Jordan who just got a job in a factory so he will believe you?

I have no idea. I would start with motivation: Is this something you really want? Could there be something more? Do you believe you are capable of more?

And then in time hopefully the motivation outgrows the fears and doubts.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way”


Step by step releasing yourself of the burdens of the fake reality we live in (we built the world in our mind – we think we know what the world is like but that is only in our head. It’s subjective, not objective), and embrace the greatness.

Embrace the Jordan in you!

For the sake of this world and the people on it, I hope you do it!

Everybody will be thankful. Even if they don’t know it.

What I believe happens when you do?

You transcend. You grow out of your pettiness. You only care about your mission, you care about the cause you serve. The people you serve.

You don’t let your fears stop you anymore because your cause is too strong. Even if it’s hard you go through everything. All the obstacles. Because it’s important!

AND THIS IS WHEN YOU CAN FEED YOUR FAMILY IN ABUNDANCE! ABUNDANCE OF JOY, LOVE, INSPIRATION…and yes, food and material wealth. As much as you want and exactly what you want.

But at that point you stopped caring about that.

Yes, it’s nice to have, you cherish it, you appreciate it, you are grateful for it.

But it’s not what drives you forward. It’s the results that drive you forward, it’s becoming a better version of yourself that drive you forward, to give it all you got.

No holding back, you are all in fully present!

That’s it! This is what I believe happens when you let go! When you let go of the voices in your head, your “rational” mind to control how you think, what you do.

You live and work from inspiration.

You want to do things, you don’t have to. And if you have to do them, you want to do them.

Opportunities, success and wealth come naturally because you put in the energy, your life power, your faith.

This is what I believe. And I am on my path to get there. I hope to encourage you to continue yours as well.

To believe in something more. To trust yourself and go for it! To release the fears.

Let’s do it!

Good luck!

Talk soon!


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