What is the balance on your emotional bank account?

This just might be what is separating you from getting more leads and sales

You have a great offer. You post it; you share it;

 You post it again, share it again.

Nothing. No leads, no bookings.

The problem is:

It’s just not enough to be “good” anymore. 

There are many good products out there.

You have to do something more.

So I would like to ask you:

“What is the balance on your emotional bank account?”

In 7 habits of highly effective people, the author Steven Covey introduces the concept of an emotional bank account.

The emotional bank account is the amount of trust that’s been built up in a relationship,”.

In our case, we are talking about the relationship with our audience.

Think of the emotional bank account as an account where you make deposits and withdrawals in trust and not money.

(Trust is everything in travel, think about why people book through Trip Advisor or Booking.com. It’s all about Social proof which is another word for Trust)

Only by making constant emotional deposits you get an option to take something out once in a while

You probably have some clients that trust you so much they will buy your new tour instantly.

Without thinking.

You have made so many deposits that you can make an offer and they will buy.

But with most of your audience, it’s not like that.

You still have to put in deposits. 

And what are deposits?

Everything that increases the amount of trust in you and your brand. 

These means useful content, blog posts, live videos, 1:1 chat, interesting stories, personal experiences.

Everything that brings you closer to your audience on an emotional or rational level.

After you make enough deposits, you can make a withdrawal.

What is withdrawal?

Think about a business that does nothing else but just shouts about their offer all the time. 

How much trust do you have in them?

Maybe they can compete on price but on nothing else.

Without trust and emotional connection, there is no way prospects will want to pay premium prices.

This business is making constant withdrawals staying on “0 trust” in the emotional bank account

Ok so, after making enough deposits, then it’s the right time to make a withdrawal. 

The right time to invite your audience to your tour, to present your offer. 

What is an offer? What is your tour after we strip it down?

It’s a promise of a change for the better in the lives of your prospect. 

Now your audience is stuck in their everyday rhythm, in a boring and mundane life. 

But with your tour, life will again be worth living. 

They will unwind, have fun, see new things, learn something new. 

Enjoy life to the maximum.

This is the promise.

And what do you need to have to believe a promise? 


Trust is the currency of your relationship with your prospects. You are gaining it or losing it every day. 

If prospects don’t hear from you in 2 months and then you offer them your tour, how likely is they will just go with you?

It depends on the previous relationship but it’s safe to say the probability is low. 

Every day that they don’t hear from you, the balance on your emotional bank account is lower.

What is the solution?

We find it in an amazing concept with a funny name

Farmer marketing

Imagine that a farmer planted seeds and then refused to water them more than once or twice. Would he have a successful harvest? Hardly. When it comes to marketing, the money is in the follow-up.“

I got this concept is from another great book 1-page marketing plan.

Like a farmer, you prepare your prospects to become ready for harvesting. 

Continually nurture your prospects and provide them with value. 

Do not make your messages a constant sales pitch. Think about the emotional bank account. You always have to have a positive balance.

Offer valuable information with an occasional pitch. Let’s say 5 value pieces for each pitch. You can do what is comfortable for you, but keep these concepts in mind while doing it.

Be sure to keep in contact regularly, otherwise, the prospect will forget about you and your relationship. 

I would suggest weekly emails and daily social media posts. The quantity is up to you, just make it regular.

Become a welcome guest in their lives. 

Send them a continuous stream of value until they’re ready to buy.

If we think about why do people chose to follow you and your tours.

By being in contact with you they are closer to becoming who they want to be. 

An explorer, someone who enjoys life, a cosmopolitan. 

You are creating value for them by showing them the possible change in their lives.

Your job is to bring them closer to that change with every message you send. Push them out of their comfort zone.

How to do that? 

I suggest we listen to Seth Godin’s advice.

“If you care enough about the change you seek to make, you will care enough to generously and respectfully create tension on behalf of that change.

Marketers create tension, and forward motion relieves that tension”

You have to create tension

What this means is that you intrigue your prospects by your education or entertainment. 

You push them forward, closer to acting because, in that way, they will relieve the tension you created.

This is how a promotional video of your tours is working. 

What is it doing in the viewers?

It is creating tension in them by showing how fun, exciting, amazing time they could be having.

It may be not enough for them to just book your tour on the spot, but they are opened to seeing and hearing more.

To get some forward motion.

A couple more examples of creating tension from Seth’s amazing book This is Marketing so it will become clear for you:

  1. Think of the bargains of going-out-of-business sale. The scarcity of the going-out-of-business sale creates tension. The tension of “What bargains did I miss?” The best way to relieve that tension is to go to the store and check it out.
  2. Supreme is only making 250 of these sneakers. I’m getting a pair—are you coming?
  3. If you want to find out how the series ends, you’ll need to tune in on Sunday.

Create tension in your content, in your marketing materials. 

Ok, let’s do a short recap of the lessons. 

Don’t just blast of sales messages and wonder why no one is buying your tours even if they are good. Work on these 3 important steps to transform your business:

  • Build an emotional bank account by providing useful, educational or entertaining content that builds trust;
  • Practice Farmer marketing with continuous nurturing of your prospects. As you don’t water your plants just 1 or 2 times, you don’t just try to sell for 1 or 2 times. Your serve, build and grow so that your leads become ready for harvesting;
  • Create tension in your messaging so you can push prospects out of their comfort zone, closer to who they want to be. Create tension in all the steps of your buyer’s journey.

Was this article helpful?

Where any of the concepts new to you?

Would love to hear your comments or if you have any questions.


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