Loving Yourself

Our everyday situations are actually a test for us. Because the universe only gives us situations we are able to handle. When we get ourselves in something uncomfortable, we know we have a chance to grow. Uncomfortable situations mean growth. In every possible scenario, personal, business, relationships,…

And what is especially funny is that how many uncomfortable situations you can handle is connected with how much you love and appreciate yourself. Self-love, self-compassion is directly correlated with how much we can grow as a person, business owner, leader, parent etc.

If we love ourselves, If we know we will be fine and happy no matter what happens in life, we are completely free to take on new challenges and new opportunities.

How do we start loving ourselves more?

There are 2 paths we need to be walking here I believe:

  1. Emotional
  2. Spiritual


When we were growing up we took on different beliefs that helped us survive. Mostly from our parents or guardians but also other important figures in our life. Just think about it, the human body is designed to survive. When we were a baby, completely dependent on our caregivers, if we did something they deemed wrong, we could remain without their love and care and die. What did our bodies to protect us? It elicited emotions that geared us for survival. If it was wrong for us to show anger because that meant disapproval from our caregivers and the potential for remaining without food and shelter, our body protected itself and suppressed anger so it could ensure our survival.

Now that we managed to survive long enough ot be able to read these words, we have to dig through our emotional caves and find everything that is stopping us from being our authentic self.

I had huge problems with the need to please, to be the person I think people want me to be, to know everything I think they think I should now, to be something more than I actually am. This has been always crippling me, my whole life. And now with healing my childhood beliefs (EMOTIONAL) and by being present to the love of life (SPIRIT – we will get to this in the next chapter), my anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues don’t have a place in this world anymore. I can finally say I am free and am myself.


We are not our thoughts. We are not our emotions. We are the consciousness behind these emotions with the possibility to observe what is happening to our human body. We are the creator of the dream of the life our character is in.

We are connected with every being and every object in this world and we can send it love and it will love us back. There is only love on this world and fear is just covering up the love. When people are fighting or nations are at war, this is just fear. Leaders are afraid, they are dealing with their own issues around fear and have unfortunately come to a position of power where their fear-led leaderships can reap havoc on the world. If they felt truly whole and complete they wouldn’t want fighting and war. They would want to share the good in them with the world and help others see the beauty in the world. But unfortunately, their ego is afraid. They fear they are not enough. We can’t change the world in one swoop, but what we can do is work on ourselves.

What if we lived in faith and certainty?

We could let go of worry and fear and just be. Thoughts are just thoughts, emotions are just emotions. They are not us. We can let them go through us, but they don’t have to stay. We can let go and trust that everything will be ok. That everything is always exactly as it should be.

Life becomes so much easier when we do this. It’s crazy how we are making everything so much harder than it is. We think we are not good enough, that we should be more, earn more, know more,…

In Calm app Masterclass, Tara Brach shares how one of her friends was taking care of her dying mother and her mother’s last words were: “All this time I thought there is something wrong with me”.

WWWAAAWWW. Just feel the strength of these words coming from a dying elderly woman leaving this world. Use empathy and just feel the peace.

These words make me love myself more and inspire me to give myself more compassion in this moment. And If I persist with this feeling I know I can competently change my life for the better in the next months and years.

There is nothing wrong with us! Never was. We are perfect just as we are. The only problem is we have so much emotional baggage that our true spirit can’t shine. Unfortunately, it is still buried under tons of false beliefs, unhelpful and childish emotional patterns, fears, doubts and insecurities.

Under all that crap, there is pure joy and pure life. Love! That’s us! We are just a huge totale of energy with unlimited potential to do whatever we want. We can choose to transform our energy into something physical. With enough time and work, we can change into anything. It maybe won’t be exactly how we picture it now because the universe has a different plan for us but we will create something and leave our mark on this world.

We just need to trust that we can do it, overcome the resistance on the way and enjoy the ride

We are all just energy. Al the living world and things. Everything is just energy and we can choose the frequency on which we vibrate. We are gods creating our own life. We create our meaning and our conditions. We create our heaven and hell.

That’s a short introduction to the spirit.

Hope I touched you just a bit.

All the best!


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