To grow your business, you cannot do everything at the same time

As a business owner, you wonder a lot, what to do, to grow your business faster.

Most likely you already spent a lot of time and money figuring out the next steps.

The overflow of information available to you is incredible.

You can do email marketing, social media, content marketing – blogging and video, Messenger Bots, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, webinars, influencer marketing, and many other strategies.


As multitasking is killing your personal productivity, so is trying to do everything at the same time destroying any chance you have for growth.

Ruthless prioritization of your efforts and rigorous focus on implementation is the only solution.


You have a million ideas on what to do. What you want to do. What you think needs to be done.

“Businesses don’t fail because of lack of opportunities.

Businesses fail because of too many opportunities.”

They fail because the owner and his team were scattered.

Doing everything. And end up doing nothing.

Stand or move
The guy on the left will stand still. The guy on the right will move forward

Focus your energy on one thing

But how do you know what to do first?

The answer is in the most important person for your business. The customer.

Your ideal customer has the answer you are searching for and is hiding the key to the growth of your business.

If there is one goal for marketing your business well is to reach the correct audience with your efforts.

Stop selling martial arts training in the retirement home. And stop advertising your products and services where your ideal person is not.

And where is she?

You cannot know if you don’t ask (you can only guess).

Talk to your customers

Where does she hang out and search for information? What is she searching for? Who influences her decisions?

Does she use Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? How do they use these tools? How much and for what purpose? Who do they follow?

Does she have an email address? How many times a day does she check it?

Do you know the answers to these questions? You should.

You are a one-man band or a small team, so you cannot do everything.

Use your time and energy wisely.

Reach your customers where they want to be reached.

It’s a question of a Return on Investment. Which channel will give me the most for my dollar or hour of work?

If you discover social media to be driving the most relevant traffic to your website turn up the volume until blogging does it better.

If your ideal customer uses email every day but barely checks her Facebook profile, then email marketing is your best choice.

Maybe your ideal customer obsessively checks Instagram every 5 minutes…. You get it right.

A simple analogy: After being in the desert for a day, you would pay 1000 dollars for the first glass of water and wouldn’t really care about a delicious pizza. But after a couple of glasses of water that pizza would look tastier and tastier. So after 4 glasses, you would take a slice.

Follow the same path with your marketing efforts. Discover what is your water (the most important marketing channel for you) Only after it brings the biggest benefits, start tasting your pizza.

What about you? Have you already discovered where to focus next?

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