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Kako na naslednji nivo kvalitete življenja?

Če še ne živite življenja, ki bi ga radi živeli, obstaja neka lekcija, neko razumevanje ali znanje, ki ga še potrebujete za ta preskok. Če si predstavljamo, danes živimo naše življenje na nekem nivoju. Na neki ravni kvalitete. Recimo nivo

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Znate reči ne?

Pogosto čutite krivdo ali imate slabo vest? Tudi, ko za to vsaj racionalno nimate dobrega razloga? Morda ste za spremembo dali sebe na prvo mesto in v nekem trenutku poskrbeli zase, in ne za nekoga drugega, kot to običajno storite.

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Zakaj je tako težko spremeniti slabe navade?

Nekateri problemi in želje, ki pridejo do mene preko obstoječih in potencialnih klientov, se ponavljajo. Vzpostavljanje novih, boljših navad ali opuščanje starih navad, ki nam povzročajo le slabo voljo, je zagotovo eden iz med njih. Zelo pogosto so te navade

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Razmišljati na boljši način Če si želiš živeti boljše, drugače, moraš začeti razmišljati na boljši, drugačen način. Kaj mislim s tem? Trenutni način razmišljanja in posledično tvojih dejanj, ti je prinesel življenje, ki ga živiš danes. In takšen način delovanja ti ne more

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Physical And Emotional Healing

  When I first started physical therapy for my injured shoulder in August 2020, I had 3 goals. The first one was to be able to start with cross-country skiing, the second was to play table tennis again and the

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There Has To Be More To Life!

If you are unhappy and wondering “Is this it? Is this what life can offer?” I want to tell you that THERE IS SO MUCH MORE OUT THERE! There really is! You don’t have to be unhappy, you don’t have

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Feelings First

If you are not making progress as fast as you would like to in the area of your life, frustration starts building up. Maybe the area is finances, romantic relationships, family, career, etc. You want that area to change, evolve,

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“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” – Zen Proverb Years ago I thought meditation is some hokey pokey, some weird thing that monks and

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Are You Living in The Future?

One of the biggest mistakes we people make is living in the future. But “future” never happens. Because we will always be happy, relaxed, enjoying “in the future”. From the current perspective, 5 years from now is the future. But

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Making Better Decision

Facing your past and what is hiding below can be a very daunting task. My experience in digging into the past and discovering why I am feeling what I am feeling, why I am who I am is just so

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Start Having Fun

In my “unhappy days” I didn’t do anything fun for years. At least not consistently. I usually enjoyed sports like football and tennis, I enjoyed running, gym, travelling,..etc. But all of this was completely at the bottom of my priority

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More of the same IN TEXT The same way of thinking will bring you the same results you are always getting. You can’t be doing the same things all the time and expect different results. If you want to make a change for

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Loving Yourself

Our everyday situations are actually a test for us. Because the universe only gives us situations we are able to handle. When we get ourselves in something uncomfortable, we know we have a chance to grow. Uncomfortable situations mean growth.

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Getting rid of bad habits

Bad Habits and How To Break Them

I gained a few kilos during the times of pandemic in 2020. A bit less outdoor activities because of shitty weather, changes in my work – exercise routine because of a new job and…more chocolate and junk food. After I

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Change Is Possible

The main message I want to leave in this world is that change is possible.  Everything is possible. It is really hard to get out of the hole, but you really have to first stop digging. By staying the same,

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We are all the same

Talent doesn’t exist The studies of Swedish psychologist Anders Ericsson (I recommend his amazing book “Peak”) show, that having talent or “being born with it”, is an unconfirmed hypothesis. That means we cannot confirm “talent” exists. Every single one of

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